Why the Nooscaphe? Just how pretentious are you?

Because I like the idea of sailing along the sea of mind more than loving wisdom. Also, I'm as pretentious as Christine Weston Chandler is not self conscious.

Why plain HTML? Are you paranoid or just incompetent?

Because everything else is too much a pain in the ass in proportion to the benefit I get out of its features, and also I'm both.

Why u no have CV?

HAhahahaha, well memed, my friend.

Can't you at least make it something other than retina-scorching white?

I could, but I figure so long as I'm being lazy, I may as well blind my visitors too.

Social media linx pl0x

How about my last.fm? Or my librarything profile? Oh, you mean facebook and twitter et al...? Funny story, that. I quit because I realized they were sucking up too much of my precious third body substance, i.e., attention and care.

I've been sent back in time to stop you, you maniac.

Shemhamforash, 93, hail and well met. You're too late, our methods are secret, and mankind shall soon be free and happy. KALLISTI!