15-02-2018 10:59:30" I own firearms. I'm a leftist. Not a #feelthebern leftist. Bernie is too far to the right for me. Because of my politics, men have come to my home to kill me. This has happened more than once. When it did happen the only things that saved my life, and the lives of my roommates, were training and the physical possession of effective tools."

14-02-2018 09:26:22 "And if, against what Hume once said, we can conceive the absolutely impossible, impossible worlds can help us to model the situations making true the impossible P’s we can conceive."

08-02-2018 12:02:17 "Could it be that a lot of Trump’s vote came from people who are living with this same kind of fear, and who find it easier to vote for an authoritarian leader to “fix” things rather than try to rebuild it themselves?"

07-02-2018 07:52:42 "In other words, the promotion of an assistant professor to an associate professor requires them to be famous within their field."

06-02-2018 18:56:19 And to think we used to worry about running out of that shit.

05-02-2018 07:43:14"Authorities in Fuzhou are publishing the names of jaywalkers in local media and even sending them to their employers."

03-02-2018 11:34:49 Au Canada, notre broadcaster publique endorsee Heidegger a surmountez les bleus d'hiver.

02-02-2018 07:49:49 Grey men, red streets.

01-01-2018 07:15:14 I think Foucault and Baudrillard just shit their pants in hell.

Long, hard and full of... plutonium and lithium deuteride.


31-01-2018 08:22:33 If only PEter Benchley were around to hear this.

30-01-2018 17:37:31 "Machine learning algorithms parse that data to assess our worthiness for public benefits, for jobs, for loans, for insurance, and for suspicion in the criminal justice system. "

29-01-2018 08:41:40 "You might not think that factory industrial controls would be directly accessible from the Internet."

27-01-2018 08:22:16:

normal philosophy assholes: we gotta naturalize our ontologies, reduce our metaphysics to physics, make our discipline down to earth


24-01-2018 16:34:30 "Why did you quit engineering? Do you hate money?"

24-01-2018 05:52:28 "For the biotechnology industry, the imperative to define biology as information is an economic concern: Life transformed into data is life permanently mobilized for capital."

23-01-2018 07:43:56 Kant stops bank robbery.

"Artists who push boundaries and reflect social disorder serve an important role in history and our modern society. Yet in other cultural mediums, the masses determine taste."

21-01-2018 09:37:39 If only Robert Nozick were here to see this.

20-01-2018 16:08:01 " Nothing left but to seize life by the throat and rip out its arteries with my teeth, filled with pure burning hatred for a system that tortures the people I love."

19-01-2018 08:05:57 "Cannibalism is one of the strongest taboos of all, and that might be the very reason why it’s been considered one of the most holy rituals, around the world and far back into the depths of prehistory."

18-01-2018 17:17:25 "Standard utopias and standard dystopias are each perfect after their own particular fashion. We live somewhere queasier."

17-01-2018 10:07:41Logic students everywhere have a new GPA killer.

17-01-2018 10:06:12 "The jurors were told that the accused was guilty of a triple murder — not by the prosecutor, but by the defense lawyer."

17-01-2018 10:04:54 "Charity Mind estimates that between 5 and 28 per cent of the adult population hear voices."

16-01-2018 08:38:17 "While King may have disagreed with Hegel’s idealism, he found support for his own philosophy of nonviolence in Hegel’s dialectical method, a mode of analysis that seems particularly well suited to socially revolutionary thought."

15-01-2018 07:50:56"...there could come a time – and it might come quite soon – when we are forced towards simplicity. In which case, a venerable tradition will turn out to contain the philosophy of the future."

14-01-2018 14:22:43 "...I do not speak in hyperbole by saying that our accumulated academic BS puts at risk decent civilization itself."

14-01-2018 "We explained that we’d heard very bad news that something very, very bad was happening and it had us really, really upset."

14-01-2018 09:25:45 "NATO has indeed made a difference but not through empowering women."

13-01-2018 08:16:50 Curing cancer like clockwork.

12-01-2018 08:53:04 Much Tulip. Such Bubble. Wow Economics.

11-01-2018 07:57:43 An electrifying way to induce lucid dreams.

11-01-2018 07:51:25 Mind over matter works for ill as well as good.

10-01-2018 15:12:21 From the "No shit, Sherlock" dept.

10-01-2018 08:18:47 Something to show your smug pescetarian friends.

09-01-2018 08:51:04 "These findings suggest that recent generations of college students have higher expectations of themselves and others than previous generations,” Curran said. "Today's young people are competing with each other in order to meet societal pressures to succeed and they feel that perfectionism is necessary in order to feel safe, socially connected, and of worth."

"Now, if your baby dies at 10am, your doctor can diagnose you with a mental illness at 10.01am and start drugging you straight away."

08-01-2018 08:41:28 Mexico embraces Nozick

08-01-2018 08:40:33

"Why the fuck is Canada Post so fuckin' slow and expensive?" *wikipedias* " In terms of area serviced, Canada Post delivers to a larger area than the postal service of any other nation, including Russia (where service in Siberia is limited largely to communities along the railway). " "Oh."

07-01-2018 09:55:07 " For all but a tiny few, it’s nearly impossible to make anything even approaching a living from writing literary fiction. But the effect of this in aggregate is to leave much of modern fiction looking like an inferior version of TV."

07-01-2018 09:51:27 "He said that society increasingly sees groups instead of individuals, to the extent that group rights may supersede individual rights in all sorts of contexts, including politicised work environments."

06-01-2018 15:33:52 Not that this would deter the current occupant of the oval office.

05-01-2018 14:14:47 "It's STAND on guard for thee, not STONED."

05-01-2018 11:29:13 "Good night, sweet $NAME."

05-01-2018 08:08:52 That feel when you realize that Unix's permissions system could have been designed by a Christian or a Thelemite

05-01-2018 08:03:50 Trouble at Timmy's.

04-01-2018 17:14:40 Don't need to convince me.

04-01-2018 11:44:45 "Depression, in most of its manifestations, is the healthy suspicion that 1) there may not be an aim or point to existence, and/or 2) that the life people have actually created, the 'structure of society,' is not one worth participating in."

04-01-2018 11:05:57 Flatworm Frank

03-01-2018 15:55:37 "Is this meeting AA as in alcoholism or AA as in Thelema?"

03-01-2018 12:31:25 Thank you, professors obvious.

03-01-2018 09:41:17 "The number of teens who get together with their friends every day has been cut in half in just fifteen years, with especially steep declines recently."

02-01-2018 08:21:58 "We humans are living in a world shaped by the desires and needs of AIs, forced to live on their terms, and we are taught that we are valuable only insofar as we contribute to the rule of the machines."

02-01-2018 08:01:47 An important part of my starter pack.

01-01-2018 11:21:50 Political compass but glass half-full/empty.

01-01-2018 10:51:43

"The populist reactions in western democracies against political-economic elites is neither a cause for optimism and celebration nor a time for lamentation and despair at the failure of ‘good citizens’ to adhere to liberal representative democracy’s norms and expectations. In practice, the electoral alternatives offered were no real alternatives at all. To vote ‘Remain’ in the UK meant the continuation of David Cameron’s austerity government and the aggressive implementation of EU neoliberal trade policies. To vote against Trump effectively meant voting for a right-wing liberal, Hillary Clinton, as US Commander-in-Chief; a foreign policy ‘hawk’ who backed coercive regime change in Iraq, Libya and Honduras. Even those with a more progressive agenda, like left-populist political parties such as Podemos in Spain or the UK Labour Party’s recent swing to the left, the crushing of Syriza in Greece is a particularly bruising example of how the matrices of power which such politics orbit are designed to discipline and quell even mildly divergent hopes and dreams when they become a threat to ruling establishments."

01-01-2018 10:15:33 "This isn't some kind of philosophical conversation. This is an urgent concern happening right now."

01-01-2018 10:14:50 Happy New Year, fellow freaks.

31-12-2017 14:34:29 "When prospective employers see my mother they see a filipina nanny, a modern day comfort woman. They don't see the degree from UCLA, the fluency in nine languages, the years she worked as an accountant."

31-12-2017 10:39:22 One of the more hair-raising varieties of religious experience.

31-12-2017 10:06:36 We all knew this, but it's nice to have empirical support.

31-12-2017 09:39:16 In some possible world, David Lewis has both a National Book and an AVN Award:

30-12-2017 12:07:07 "It's not for everyone. It's a ministry for me."

29-12-2017 08:54:06 Finally, a fountain pen for Gnostics.

29-12-2017 08:52:06 Peak trolley problem.

28-12-2017 17:47:"it wasn't until John moved to Vancouver that he heard Victoria had a reputation as a very "witch-friendly" town. He knew he had to go there." ...I think I've found my grad school

28-12-2017: "Not only was Dick's judgement better, but also, he was happier. He wrote that he felt more fulfilled and relaxed."

27-12-2017: "We project coalitions onto everything, even where they have no place, such as in science. We are identity-crazed."

26-12-2017: [] Radical Left [] Radical Right [] Radical Centre [x] Radical Weird

26-12-2017:".. .both sides enable the humanities' adversaries."

25-12-2017: We need to ressurrect Vonnegut so he can see the world Player Piano inspired.

25-12-2017: Today we celebrate the birth of a man who created a new religion promising eternal life to the hoi polloi; more importantly, we rebind the ankles of Saturn lest he become too powerful and go on another... 'reaping' spree.

21-12-2017: Io Saturnalia!